CCTE Month


WHEREAS: February 1-28, 2015, has been designated Career and Technical
Education Month by the Association for Career and Technical Education; and
WHEREAS: profound economic and technological changes in our society are
rapidly reflected in the structure and nature of work, thereby placing new and
additional responsibilities on our educational system; and
WHEREAS: Escondido Union High School District has continually provided
students with a school-to-careers connection and is the backbone of a strong,
well-educated workforce, which fosters productivity in business and industry
and contributes to America’s leadership in the international marketplace; and
WHEREAS: Career and Technical Education programs are designed to meet
current and future labor and market demands. By integrating technical
education with core curriculum, high school students experience practical,
meaningful applications of skills, thus improving the quality of their education,
motivating potential at-risk students and giving all students leadership
opportunities in their fields and in their communities; and
WHEREAS: Escondido Union High School District Career Technical
Education offers students lifelong opportunities to learn new skills which
prepare them to make an immediate impact on our community and provide
them with career choices; and
WHEREAS: the ever-increasing cooperative efforts of career technical
educators and business and industry stimulate the growth and vitality of our
local economy and that of the entire nation by preparing graduates for career
fields forecast to experience the largest and fastest growth in the next decade;
NOW THEREFORE, I, Steve Boyle, Superintendent of Escondido Union
High School District, do hereby proclaim February 1-28, 2015 as Career
Technical Education Month and salute the administration, staff, teachers and
students of the Escondido Union High School District for their efforts and